Barbara Walters Uncovers Video of Tina Fey Shaking What Her Mama Gave Her


While we learned just yesterday that Tina Fey is not nearly as smart as Seth MacFarlane, an authority no less than Barbara Walters named Fey as one of 2008's Most Fascinating People during her annual, soft-focus extravaganza last night. As is to be expected from a four-minute segment, we didn't get much in the way of depth (Babs wussed out on drawing tears out of Fey by failing to probe deeper on the scar scandal), but viewers were treated to an ancient three-second clip of Tina Fey shaking her boobs in 30 Rock co-star Scott Adsit's face (from her pre-makeover days at Second City Chicago). Now that's what we call fascinating! [Videogum]