Brody Jenner’s Heightened Self-esteem Makes Up for His Lack of Self-awareness


"I love being able to laugh at myself. The moment you start to take yourself too seriously, other people don't." Brody Jenner doesn't realize that you've never taken him seriously [NYDN]

"I just recently admitted that I like Bob Seger. I have some friends from Oakland, California who have been telling me, 'Oh, you have to check out early Bob Seger, it's really awesome.' I didn't believe them for a while, but it's true." —The Sword's J.D. Cronise has obviously never spent much time in Detroit [A.V. Club]

"I suck at traditional dating." Bret Michaels confirms that he sucks at all forms of dating [NYDN]

"One of the most depressing things over the last month is watching myself pop up on all these year-end lists." Amanda Palmer [Sound of the City/Voice]

"The 'two' in the equation means C squared, not MC multiplied by two." —mathematician Dr. David Leslie, of Sense About Science, takes issue with Mariah Carey's statement that her album E=MC2 stands for "emancipation equals Mariah Carey times two" [Guardian]