Bryan Singer Does the Unthinkable, Actually Compares Valkyrie to Hogan’s Heroes


As a curious nation edges ever close to Valkyrie's long awaited theatrical debut on Thursday — the nerds over at HSX have it pegged for an opening weekend gross of roughly $16.7 million — it becomes imperative for everyone associated with the film to keep on the same page when it comes to publicizing the film. Especially when MGM has spent its nearly $70 million marketing budget [!] trying to convince Joe Moviegoer to spend the holidays watching heroic Nazis fail to assassinate Hitler. Which is why we nearly keeled over when we read director Bryan Singer's interview with the New York Post this morning, an interview in which he actually compared his film to Hogan's Heroes. "I used to watch 'Hogan's Heroes,' and I was keenly aware that I had sympathy for Klink or Schultz, these characters whose job it was to run the prisoner-of-war camp," Singer told the Post. "On the other hand, the SS were the bad guys. So there was a structure of good guys and bad guys within the German army." So much for staying on the talking points that emphasize the film's suspenseful plot (which, as you'll recall, we liked quite a bit). Better luck next time, MGM!

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