Director Chris Weitz to Spice Up Twilight Franchise With Vampire-Pie Romance?


Is Summit Entertainment replacing Catherine Hardwicke — record-setter for the biggest-ever box-office weekend for a film helmed by a woman — with some penis-having dude? Maybe! According to never-wrong Vulture buddy Nikki Finke, the studio has asked Chris Weitz, the man behind American Pie, The Golden Compass, and About a Boy, to step into Hardwicke's recently vacated position as the director of the two upcoming Twilight sequels (he's purportedly still considering it). Weitz did do some impressive schmaltz curbing in Boy, and most of the things wrong with Golden Compass reeked of Catholic-appeasing movie-studio meddling, so we suppose we'll be cautiously optimistic about this. Even so, we're not particularly looking forward to scenes in which Edward Cullen, in lieu of full-on intercourse, gazes lustfully at a pie.

SOURCE: 'Twilight' Sequel Offer From Summit Out To Director Chris Weitz? [Deadline Hollywood Daily]

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