Fake Thundercats Trailer Is the Best Worst Thing You’ll See All Day


It seems as if nary a day goes by where we don't get news that some idea-starved Hollywood producer has decided to pillage our past in order to develop a treatment based on a beloved movie/show from the eighties. Heck, just in the last few weeks, such unlikely remakes as Arthur, They Live!, and Romancing the Stone have been greenlighted by the creatively bankrupt studio system. Even Thundercats, which was hardly ever more than a serialized commercial for the LJN line of action figures, is getting the newfangled CGI big-screen treatment. However, what you're about to see has nothing to do with that likely monstrosity. Some super-geeky AV whizzes over at Wormy TV have decided to cut a fake trailer for their imagined live-action Thundercats reboot, digitally pasting together footage of Brad Pitt, Vin Diesel, and Hugh Jackman from some of their more action-y roles in the past (and, of course, adding in the requisite feline facial makeup in post). And they even managed to squeeze in a CGI version of the overwhelmingly irritating Snarf! Don't go getting any bright ideas, Hollywood. The full faux trailer, via Jeffrey Wells, after the jump.