Flight of the Conchords Season-Two Premiere Debuts Early on Funny or Die


When we last checked in with Flight of the Conchords, Bret and Jemaine were attempting to come to terms with the chart-topping success of their rivals, the Crazy Dogggz ("Doggy do's and doggy don'ts / Doggy will's and doggy won'ts / Do the Doggy Bounce!"). Now, as a means to appease fans salivating in anticipation for the show's second-season debut on January 18, HBO has released the entire season premiere to Funny or Die for your viewing pleasure. It starts out where the last season left off, as the boys try to deal with the dual challenges of adjusting to life without Murray and trying to write a jingle for a feminine toothpaste called Femident. We've got the full video, which comes complete with a preview for Danny McBride's highly anticipated yet curiously underpromoted HBO show, East Bound & Down, after the jump. Arf arf!