John Travolta Butches It Up in From Paris With Love Teaser


The last time we saw John Travolta on the silver screen, he was wearing a fat suit and dressed in drag. Wondering how he could possibly follow that up? By shaving his head, spirit-gumming on a goatee and playing a cop with loose morals in an international espionage thriller, natch! The first teaser trailer for From Paris With Love, which also stars Hugo Boss pitchman Jonathan Rhys-Meyers, is about as ludicrous as one would expect for a film produced and co-written by the endearingly schlocky Luc Besson. Unfortunately for fans of the action genre, it looks as if Besson used up most of his interesting ideas about how best to blow up cars in the Transporter series. But fans of camp will likely take great delight in seeing Travolta attempt to butch it up a bit, all the while looking like an unholy cross between Mr. Clean and Marsellus Wallace. And whatever you do, be sure to stick around for the end of the video when Travolta spouts the trailer-friendly catchphrase "Welcome to Paris, baby!" in his finest Sweathoggian accent.

[via Slashfilm]