Guy Who Rolled Cross Joint in Pineapple Express Was Also in Other Movies


"I find it ironic that I did a lot of serious movies that I worked hard on, and now I'm getting the most response to the movie where I roll a cross joint." James Franco [BlackBook]

"I remember that we had a scene where they were supposed to be doing some karate together, and we had Tak in just Fruit Of The Loom briefs. Caan came in and was really thrown by that. I was saying, 'Well, I think it's going to be funny,' and his reaction was, 'This isn't supposed to be a comedy, is it?'" Wes Anderson on working with James Caan in Bottle Rocket [A.V. Club]

"Who knows? It could be Drake & Josh Refinance Their Home, Drake & Josh Get in a Failed Relationship, Drake & Josh Look for Assisted Living." Josh Peck on the future of Drake & Josh [MTV]

"I find all acting hard. If you find yourself having fun playing someone, I would suggest you're doing a bad job." Michael Sheen [LAT]

"When we played in New York, people were freaking out and screaming and yelling 'This sucks!' yet [New York Times rock critic Jon] Pareles gave us a good review, because we're still dangerous and we're still relevant on some intrinsic musical level that can't even be defined." Billy Corgan [Pop & Hiss/LAT]

"He's what we would call an honorary member of the band, but we think he's got a better gig now." Rea Garvey, lead singer of German band Reamonn, who opened for Barack Obama in Berlin [NYDN]