Who’s Hosting the Oscars?


Vulture buddy Nikki Finke is reporting that the Academy has selected its host for February's Oscars, with an official announcement coming as early Tuesday if all details are finalized by then. She says they've chosen someone "way outside the box" who's "not a TV personality or stand-up comedian" (as such, the Oscars will purportedly forgo a traditional monologue this year), though she has been able to confirm that the person "is in the movie biz." Obviously plenty of unfunny film-industry people meet this exact criteria (Oliver Stone, David Denby, Mike Myers, etc.), but what about those rumors a few months ago about failed ESPYs emcee (and Love Guru star) Justin Timberlake being considered? Even though we think he might be awful, with the Academy's stubborn refusal to nominate movies that people actually like, asking him could be a way to bring Oscar ratings out of the basement. And was "way outside the box" supposed to be a clue?

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