I Love You, Man Trailer: Apatovian Enough for Now, We Guess


In case you lost count, it's now been four months since the release of Pineapple Express, and The Year One — the next film made with the tangential involvement of producer-genius Judd Apatow — won't be out until next June. Noble efforts like Role Models and W., with cast members borrowed from Apatow's stable, have helped fill the void a little, but in the midst of this dark, depressing Oscar season, things are getting dire. Can the promise of I Love You, Man, due in March, possibly get us through the winter? Maybe! In this new trailer, it seems even more Apatow-y than it did on paper — the ever-non-douchey Paul Rudd plays a friendless guy marrying Rashida Jones who must somehow find a best man. Why he doesn't just pick his brother, played by Andy Samberg, like most friendless guys is not made clear. Even so, this doesn't look so bad.

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