Jamie Foxx Finds a Woman As Obnoxious As He Is


We didn't really take to this tit-for-tat tale of infidelity equality, the first single off Intuition, the new album from the deeply annoying Jamie Foxx, when it first dropped, but the adorable video, which bolsters the cheater lyrics with karate, Guitar Hero, and teleportation, has sold us on "Just Like Me." It makes sense that Foxx, whose singing non-career was resuscitated by his acting, would sell his song better mugging to the camera. But the song's also got a decent beat, catchy stutter-step guitar hook, and requisite T.I. guest verse. In its second week on the Hot 100, it has already climbed into the top 50, and will probably move higher. Foxx, damn him, is getting a good start to 2009.

Download "Just Like Me": El Ventura