Jim Carrey Is the Michael Jordan of Acting, Claims the Bradley Cooper of Saying Ridiculous Things


"The idea of working with him is like having a chance to play one-on-one with Michael Jordan." Bradley Cooper on acting with Jim Carrey in Yes Man [LAT]

"I think the whole line between what's real and fake became a big theme when Rob and I were talking about it early on, because there's this whole idea of 'Where's the real world — is it in the ring or out of the ring?' That was a main reason why Rob fought to keep the stripper in the film." Darren Aronofsky [A.V. Club]

"Favorite song of 2008? I haven't had the chance to listen to anything but my stuff … so, um, 'Right Now.' Favorite Album? Freedom. In stores right now." Akon [MTV]

"If Kanye's the voice of our generation, then Conor is the wordsmith." Pete Wentz on Conor Oberst [MTV]

"What do I get if I whoop you? I get nothing because I'm supposed to. But if I lose, what does it do? It damages my whole reputation." 50 Cent responds to a challenge on his new video game, 50 Cent: Blood on the Sand [NYDN]

"Clearly, the greatest background moment is in the movie Teen Wolf. There is a crowd scene where an extra pulls his penis out for the world to see." R.C. Hall, regular background actor on 30 Rock and mastermind behind "The Glove" [Apiary]