Jim Carrey’s Sensual Late Show Bubble Bath With Larry King


With the glut of holiday films hitting the box office these days, not only are moviegoers being forced to make tough choices at the multiplex, but late-night talk-show hosts are also scrambling to find creative ways to satiate promotion-hungry celebrities and studios whose publicists aren't able to line up couch time. In the case of David Letterman, his go-to device this week has been to have a famous person deliver his nightly Top Ten list. On Tuesday, Tom Cruise did the honors (albeit shakily), and last night, well, it was Jim Carrey's turn. Of course, the evening's Top Ten was synergistically framed in such a manner that the gimmicky premise of Yes Men came through loud and clear ("Ten Things Jim Carrey Will Always Say Yes To") while also allowing Carrey's comedic chops to shine through (he delivered the list direct from a bathtub with surprise tub buddy Larry King). The full video, which concludes on a semi-weird note with David Letterman proclaiming that "Those guys are so gay!," is after the jump.