Karen O. Warms the Cockles of Your Christmas Heart


If you're one of the many hip boys and girls who are still hoping Santa might bring you Karen O. (or at least some new music from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs) for Christmas this year, grab your mistletoe and click your way to "All I Want for Christmas," a sparse and smoldering love song made by the band "for the people [they] looooove." Like Mariah Carey, Karen O. doesn't want her two front teeth or anything you might get at the mall, she just wants "for you to be near." If that (or Nick Zinner's nifty little lo-fi solo) doesn't warm the cockles of your heart, then you'll just have to be content that this is probably the best evidence we've seen that the band is together in the studio cranking out the much anticipated follow-up to Show Your Bones, due early next year.

Download the MP3 at Pretty Much Amazing.