Arrival of Lesbian Vampire Killers Trailer Bolsters Our Hopes for a Truly Outstanding 2009


Man, we are SO ready to put the year 2008 behind us. Fortunately, from the looks of things, 2009 is shaping up to be the kind of truly kick-ass-tastic year that we had hoped 2008 was going to be. Not only do we have the pants-shitting 3-D spectacle My Bloody Valentine to look forward to in just three short weeks, we also have the promise (or is it the specter?) of a movie called Lesbian Vampire Killers to get our hearts a-racing! The film, which at this point has yet to secure a domestic distributor, is set for release in the U.K. in March 2009. However, we've got our fingers crossed that Barack Obama will have the good sense to set aside some time during his first 90 days in office to ensure that this Grindhouse-esque film gets seen by American audiences. This U.K. teaser trailer doesn't give away much in terms of the film's plot, but then again, we're pretty sure that the film's title says it all. Our only hope is that it turns out to be a more satisfying viewing experience than Zombie Strippers was in 2008.

Lesbian Vampire Killers [via First Showing]