Nicole Kidman Harangued by Unruly Facebookers


As if it weren't bad enough that Vulture buddy Nikki Finke has begun to label the underperforming Australia as "Rupert's folly," Nicole Kidman now finds herself on the receiving end of scorn from social-networking miscreants. Australian native Brendan Shanahan (not to be confused with the former New York Ranger) has started a Facebook group called "Am I Taking Crazy Pills or is Nicole Kidman the Worst Actress in the World?," a group which boasts at press time a (less than impressive) total of 246 members. Although Vulture tips its cap to the founder for incorporating a Zoolander reference into the group's name, we will go to our beds tonight fearful that the rogue actions of this collective might just be enough to persuade Nicole Kidman to finally quit Hollywood once and for all. [Fox News]