New Peter, Bjorn and John Equal Parts Creepy and Catchy


Peter, Bjorn and John’s 2006 mini-hit “Young Folks” was the Swedish indie pop’s own “Hey Ya,” and as such, probably impossible to replicate. “Hey (STFU Boy)” comes pretty close, catchy as it is, but this new song trades wistful mooning for a cockblock. The chorus, sung jauntily as you please: “Hey, shut the fuck up boy, you're really starting to piss me off. Take your hands off that girl, you've already had enough.” Don’t expect to hear it on Grey's Anatomy — but if you give it a listen, do expect to have it looping endlessly through your head. (The video, which is apparently some sort of commentary on their post–“Young Folks” micro-fame, might just give you nightmares.)

Download “Hey (STFU Boy)”: I Guess I’m Floating