Q-Tip Responds


A few weeks back, in the pages of our magazine, New York's Will Leitch caught up with hip-hop pioneer Q-Tip on the eve of the rapper's latest comeback bid. Now, in the comments section, Q-Tip has weighed in with his reaction to the piece: "damn mr. leitch!! why are u shitting on me and dick riding kanye. seems like its an assignment you didnt want to do so why do it? you should have done a DL4 assignment or better yet a 'whatever happened to fallout shelters in a Mc Carthy era new york?' piece!!! i'm good... you??? JADED!! yes this is qtip." And one minute later: "oh i forgot... ASSHOLE." How do we know it's really Q-Tip? Because he also sent us an e-mail directing us to his comments and inquiring "did i bang your ex girl???" (Not to our knowledge.)

The Ballad of Q-Tip [NYM]