SAG Delays Strike Vote Since It Basically Has No Chance


When last we checked in on the Screen Actors Guild, its leadership was hurtling toward a strike-authorization vote that, if successful, would immobilize Hollywood, put millions more out of work during a recession, wreck the Oscars, and possibly scuttle 2010's entire planned slate of film releases (but maybe get actors a slightly higher royalty rate for Internet work!) — so how's that all going? Not so great! Owing to growing dissent among its own members (plus this hilarious photo illustration of Tina Fey we keep using, we bet), SAG leaders announced last night that they're delaying the vote for two weeks (until January 13) in the hopes that more of their members might join the cause. "This will provide us with more time to conduct member education and outreach on the referendum before the balloting," said SAG national executive director Doug Allen, the world's most optimistic person. Maybe Hollywood's not doomed after all!

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