Scott Weiland Somehow Squanders His Best Song in Forever


Scott Weiland’s “Missing Cleveland,” off his recently released solo record, “Happy” in Golashes (he must be “sad”), not only evokes glory-days Stone Temple Pilots, but Weezer, too — and amazingly, this works. Lyrics like “strapped in the monkey seat, like a Martian chimpanzee” actually manage to evoke a lonely astronaut existence without being completely ridiculous or directly biting on “Space Oddity.” But longtime STP collaborator Kevin Kerslake sends the whole vibe shooting out of orbit with his video, which draws in fifties-suburbia clichés, upskirt shots, a lap dance, and Scott massaging his rocket and fogging up the inside of a space helmet. The video has to be seen to believed, but trust us, it will ruin the song for you. See it after the jump.

Download “Missing Cleveland”: Pigeons and Planes