Seth Meyers Would Prefer Not to Think About All the People He’s Inspired to Eat Ham in the Bathroom


"One thing I loved writing this fall was 'Jon Hamm's John Ham' [in which the Mad Men star endorsed a pork product you can eat in, yep, the bathroom]. It's nice when no one asks, 'So, do you think you've changed the way people feel about ham?'" —SNL head writer Seth Meyers on how reporters don't ask him about non-election sketches [NYP]

"I'm often asked, 'Does Squigglevision represent the characters' emotional turmoil?' My answer is, 'Yes, and it's cheap.'" Jonathan Katz on Dr. Katz, Professional Therapist [NYT]

"It certainly did not escape us that Hugh looks terrific in a tuxedo." Laurence Mark, co-producer of the Oscars, on choosing Hugh Jackman as a host [NYT]

"I don't think Pete thinks of himself as a bass player. I think he thinks of himself as a singer. He sings through me." Patrick Stump on Pete Wentz [NYT]

"I've always wanted to make big movies, and I still do. Unless another really interesting plot to kill someone comes along." Bryan Singer [NYT]

"I will say I've always thought of it as a double." Axl Rose can't believe that Chinese Democracy is finished either [Guardian]