Shia LaBeouf’s Smashed Hand Once Again Threatens Hollywood


With the Dow in free fall, an actors' strike looming, and the whole of the American moviegoing public currently out of work, this is probably not the news that profit-minded Hollywood moguls want to hear right now: Erratic-driving franchise topliner Shia LaBeouf has been forced to pull out of a movie because the hand he smashed in July's DUI mishap still isn't back to normal. LaBeouf will no longer star in Neal Burger's Dark Fields because his hand is "totally shattered, it's much worse than anyone thought," a source tells Fox News' Roger Friedman, who hears "the area around the thumb needs more surgery." No word yet on how this might affect the start date of 2011 blockbuster Mutt Williams and the Search for Elvis or Something.

Shia Quits Film Over Smashed Hand [Fox News]

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