Benjamin Button Composer Deemed Untalented by Gifting-Suite Attendant

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Since we, ourselves, would never presume to be able to define something as ephemeral as "talent," we can be certainly thankful for the existence of our nation's clipboard-wielding door watchers. At Access Hollywood’s Golden Globes gifting suite, Alexandre Desplat, the Globe-nominated Benjamin Button composer, was turned away.

When he strode up to the suite at the Sofitel in Beverly Hills, he introduced himself in a charming French accent. "I’m sorry, you're not on the list," came the reply. "I'm a Golden Globe nominee," he protested, "and I thought this was a Golden Globe event." Not even dropping the name of Brad Pitt's publicist could win him admittance. Finally, the staff explained that the event was for "talent only." "But I am talent," said Desplat. "I'm a Golden Globe nominee..." "Well..." began the attendant. "You mean face talent?" asked Desplat, drawing a circle with his finger. "Yeah," said the list holder.

Luckily, though, Billy Bush, Nancy O'Dell, and Vanessa Hudgens were able to enter without incident!