Ciara Implies That You Should Lick Her Boot


With Beyoncé borrowing heavily from Lil Wayne's overly remixed “A Milli” for her latest single “Diva,” it only makes sense that her song would get the treatment sooner rather than later. Enter Ciara, who pays her respects to “that diva named B” before moving on to hype her own hood, sex appeal, and most important, her upcoming (and oft-delayed) third album, Fantasy Ride. The kittenish Ciara doesn’t top Beyoncé’s impressively tough performance, but she does a credible enough job to put herself back in the public eye for second, and we're psyched to see Beyoncé’s latest take on female empowerment go viral among music-biz women. Tip: If you want more details on Ciara's new single, just listen through the end of the track!

Download “Diva” remix: Dajaz1