The College Humor Show Looks Like It Could Earn a Spot on Our DVR


A few weeks back, we were lamenting MTV's decision to launch 16 new reality shows before the end of April. Even though we still feel very confident that nearly all of these shows will make us want to gouge our eyes out, this first glimpse at The College Humor Show makes it seem like this show might buck the trend. As our friends over at the CC Insider also noticed, the show seems to have a very similar feel to College Humor's sharp "Hardly Working" web series (which is a good thing) in that both are easily digestible, absurdist takes on the workplace comedy genre. It remains to be seen whether or not it will be able to match the comedic heights of MTV's only watchable show of the past few years, Human Giant, but this trailer has sold us enough to at least set our DVRs to record the first episode.

The College Humor Show Trailer [CC Insider]