College Shockingly Not Thrilled About Its Role in New Grisham Novel


As we're certain you're already aware, acclaimed novelist John Grisham released his latest highly anticipated legal thriller, The Associate, this week. It may be hard to believe, though, but not everyone's excited. Officials at Pittsburgh's Duquesne University are up in arms today over the book's fictional drunken-gang-rape scene, which takes place at their college.

A spokeswoman for Duquesne quite reasonably tells the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: "We think it's unfortunate that he chose to use our name and associate it with a fictional incident of this nature, especially when Duquesne students are generally known for their leadership and integrity."

The best part, though, is how Grisham chose the school:

In an e-mail yesterday, Mr. Grisham said he chose Duquesne simply because he'd seen the campus once. He said he's been here many times to take in Pirates and Steelers games.

So obviously, they had it coming. But if they're mad now, just wait until they find out which popular young actor will play an alleged rapist in the movie adaptation.

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