‘Freaked’ Warner Bros. Finally Talking Watchmen Settlement


With Watchmen's March release date fast approaching and untold millions already spent on marketing, Warner Bros. and Fox have, as pretty much everyone expected, broken down and agreed to discuss a possible settlement in their battle over the film's distribution rights. The Times' Michael Cieply spoke with a Fox lawyer who reports that “continued exchanges on the subject of resolution…have been productive,” and Vulture buddy Nikki Finke says Warner Bros., after years of refusing discussion with Fox, "is finally freaked out." Both sides have asked U.S. District Court judge Gary Allen Feess to delay a hearing in the case scheduled for next week, as talks are expected to continue through the weekend. Expect Fox to cash the check on Monday!

L.A. Dispatch: Settlement Likely in “Watchmen” Dispute [Carpetbagger/NYT]