Ten Things That Ought to Make the Golden Globes Worth Watching


When it comes to pomp and circumstance, there really is no competition for the Academy Awards. As hard as the SAGs and the Critics' Choice Awards try to emulate the granddaddy of all award shows, their programs generally suffer from being overly earnest. That's why we're thankful for the mysterious troublemakers who make up the Hollywood Foreign Press Association, as they long-ago decided that their show would be the Fun Bobby of the awards season. Get film and television's best and brightest dressed up, get a little booze in their systems, and then sit back and watch the drama unfold. To get you in spirit, Vulture is happy to present this list of ten things you should keep your eye out for during Sunday night's broadcast (which the Fug Girls will be live-blogging at our sister blog the Cut). Enjoy!

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