Oscars’ Secret Ratings Weapon: the Team Behind Australia


We knew that when the Academy neglected to nominate The Dark Knight and Wall-E for Best Picture last week — seemingly indicating their desire for this year's awards ceremony to be the first in history to lose in the ratings to everything else that's on — they must be planning something fabulous to win back viewers. And they are! Playbill reports that impossibly sexy Oscar host Hugh Jackman has tapped Baz Luhrmann to produce his opening number on February 22, which will be the first time the pair has worked together since Australia failed at the box office and earned a negative review from its female lead (who has since vowed to give up acting). We just hope, for the poor advertisers' sakes, that this collaboration at least includes another shower scene.

Will Luhrmann Stage Academy Awards Opening for Tony Winner Jackman? [Playbill]

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