Will Jimmy Kimmel Be the Late-Show Host Who Finally Kills Nightline?


Maybe! The Times' Bill Carter reports that ABC has held lengthy discussions on the possibility of moving Jimmy Kimmel Live! to 11:35 p.m., a shift that would place it in direct competition with Conan O'Brien's Tonight Show. Such a maneuver would also again endanger Nightline — the unfunny, award-winning, highly praised news-based scourge of ABC's late-night lineup — whose time slot has reportedly previously been offered to both Leno (last year, when his future at NBC was not yet a certainty) and David Lettermen (back in 2002, when ABC was trying to poach him from CBS). Can Kimmel succeed where so many other late-night hosts before him have failed? Better him than Jimmy Fallon, we suppose.

ABC Said to Consider ‘Kimmel’ in ‘Nightline’ Slot [NYT]