James Gandolfini on a Sopranos Movie: ‘It Would Be Great to Bring Everyone Back Together’


James Gandolfini may be looking to soften his mob-guy image with his new comedy In the Loop, but while promoting the film at Sundance yesterday, a Tony Soprano–style outburst still seemed like a vague possibility. Joining his director, Armando Iannucci, and co-star, Mimi Kenney, in a massive publicity tent that was almost totally empty, he asked where all the other journalists were. "Kevin Spacey is downstairs," a publicist explained, as Gandolfini sunk into a couch. So, we talked with him about comedy and his role in the movie (which was purchased last night by IFC films) as an Army general caught up in the run-up to an Iraq-like war. But then, because we had him mostly to ourselves, we asked if — given the sequel-spawning success of the Sex and the City movie — he's interested in making a Sopranos film. "If I was broke, I would do it," Gandolfini told us, grimacing. But then he told us what we wanted to hear: "Obviously it is the writing of the script, and if David [Chase] and them come up with something, then that would do it for me. I'm very happy doing different things right now. But obviously it would be great to bring everyone back together."