Jimmy Fallon Kicks Off His First Monologue With a Joke About Hillary Clinton’s Ankles


As any regular Vulture reader will attest, we've been keeping a close eye on the development of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon ever since he began posting nightly videos back in December. It's certainly been amusing to get an "inside" glimpse* at the show's ongoing development, even if we do often find ourselves wishing there was some increased transparency when it comes to behind-closed-doors discussions of things like the show's creative tone, the competitive landscape, and other minutiae that only people who really geek out on television would appreciate. That said, last night's episode provided viewers with an early look at the show's set while it's still under construction, along with Fallon's first (semi-) official monologue. While we're not sure we would've chosen a joke about Hillary Clinton's ankle size as a way to introduce audiences to Jimmy the Talk Show Host (versus Jimmy the Stand-up Comedian), we will award the show points for not kowtowing to political correctness.

*Insofar as something produced and distributed by NBC could be "inside," that is.

Under Construction [Late Night With Jimmy Fallon]