Marvel Delivers Ram Jam to Mickey Rourke’s Pocketbook


With an Oscar nomination in the bag and a win looking like a distinct possibility, one would think that the Mickey Rourke's career would be soaring. Well, it is ... ish. Variety
reports that, in response to the continually cratering economy, Marvel Studios is looking to trim some overhead on Iron Man 2 before it starts filming later this year. And while Rourke is supposedly on the shortlist to play the villain in what will no doubt be one of 2010's highest-grossing films, Marvel has reportedly offered up a salary of just $250,000 for him to play the role (this after the studio already replaced Terrence Howard with the less expensive Don Cheadle). Unless President Obama can get this economic situation fixed right quick, you can expect Matthew Modine to replace Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man any day now.

Studios Proceed Cautiously for 2010 [Variety via Playlist]