We Can Barely Contain Our Excitement for My Bloody Valentine 3-D


If we were to place My Bloody Valentine 3-D into the Approval Matrix, there's no doubt that it would fit squarely in the Lowbrow Despicable quadrant. However, that's precisely why we're embracing the surefire, pants-shitting awesomeness of the movie that promises to be the most fun we've had at the movies in recent memory. With the film's release just two (agonizingly full) days away, Lionsgate has begun rolling out television commercials featuring testimonials from fanboy icons, like Wes Craven and Frank Miller, that focus on the audience experience. Additionally, the spot features raves from excitable online critics from sites like CHUD and Bloody Disgusting, including one who promises that the film features "lots of obligatory naked chicks." While we have yet to see official tracking numbers for the film, The Unborn managed to haul in $19.8 million at the box office last weekend while opening on the same number of screens (despite significantly less advertising). We can't wait!