Meryl Streep to Appear on 30 Rock, Win Another Emmy


When news broke that Alec Baldwin had successfully recruited Meryl Streep to appear on an upcoming episode of 30 Rock, we kind of groaned a little on the inside. Not because we don't love Meryl, mind you; it's more that we like our 30 Rock just plenty when there aren't guest stars mucking up the mix (we're looking squarely in your direction, Salma Hayek). But being the responsible and diligent bloggers that we are, we decided to do some research before just tossing off some silly post about what kind of accent she's going to use on the show (our money's on bridge-and-tunnel). And guess what we found out? Well, everyone already knows that Meryl Streep has locked up the most Academy Award nominations in history, but did you know that she has the same number of Emmys sitting in her living room (two) as she does Oscars? It's true! You see where we're headed with this. If Meryl Streep, under the direction of awards magnet Tina Fey, can get nominated for and then subsequently win an Emmy next fall, that means her awards shelf will officially have more Emmys on it than Oscars. And wouldn't that just be a hoot?

Alec Baldwin shows his Meryl Streep smarts [Gatecrasher/NYDN]