New Doctor Who to Ruin Series With His Youthful Handsomeness


Britons have been up in arms all weekend over Saturday's surprise announcement that random 26-year-old Matt Smith has been cast as the eleventh Doctor Who, replacing the outgoing David Tennant as the 903-year-old Time Lord on the popular BBC series. What's the problem? Apparently some fans had been hoping for a black actor, or a female, or a black actress, while others are just upset that he's so young (Smith will be the show's youngest Doctor ever). Being woefully unfamiliar with Doctor Who ourselves, we asked our resident anglophilic sci-fi expert, photo editor Everett Bogue, and he provided us with his insightful commentary: "Eh. I'm not super into Doctor Who anymore. He does seem a bit young to be an immortal time traveler, though." And he does!

Matt Smith [Buzzfeed]