New Q-Tip Video in Two Words: Soul Train


Not fixing what isn't broken meant Q-Tip’s supposed comeback album, The Renaissance, dropped with more of a ripple than a splash back in November (try not to bring it up, he’s kind of sensitive). But even if it is for an ever-smaller audience, we’re glad someone’s still making sublime nineties posi-rap — Tip’s latest single, “ManWomanBoogie,” a triumphant call to unity fueled by little more than a burbling stand-up bass line and an incessant hi-hat, is a perfectly jaunty little ditty. That the video, which premiered Friday, revolves around the greatest interactive, costumed, history-lesson-train-car-dance-party ever — Betsy Ross, an imperial British Army soldier, and the lovely Amanda Diva all get down — does not hurt. Spoiler alert! It is all a dream.