New Watchmen Promo Reveals Why Dr. Manhattan Is Infinitely Cooler Than Dr. Detroit


Is it March yet? Between now and the time that The Watchmen drops on March 6, the only thing we really have to look forward to at the multiplex is catching up on Oscar nominees we still have to get around to. Thankfully, we have the distinct feeling that Warner Bros. is going to keep us up to our ears in viral Watchmen promos for the next seven or so weeks. Take, for instance, this faux newscast we spotted on Buzzfeed celebrating the tenth anniversary of the date when the United States government revealed the existence of Dr. Manhattan. It's largely possible that we're getting too nerdy for you by geeking out on what essentially amounts to a commercial for the film (albeit a stealthy one), but if you've seen the trailer and are wondering why Billy Crudup is blue and walking around without pants, this ought to go a long way toward helping to explain.