On Blog and YouTube, Neil Young Wonders What the Hell Is Wrong With Kids Today


As the godfather of grunge, itself past its heyday, you'd think Neil Young would be feeling his age a bit — and boy, would you be right. On "Fork in the Road," his new song just posted on HuffPo (where he is a guest blogger), he's older and grumpier than ever, mumbling the line, "'Twist and Shout' on the radio. Those were the days. Bring 'em back." ("Now where are my damn glasses?" he doesn't add.) But the shaggy blues-rock shuffle still raises a credible ruckus, and Young's politics put his cranky streak to good use, taking shots at "this fucking war" and the "bailout coming" for "all those creeps watching tickers on TV." Ever the perfectionist, Young thinks the recording "sounds like shit," but we think he's just being ornery. The video, meanwhile, is charmingly lo-fi — or perhaps we should say, like something a kid shot and uploaded to YouTube.