Oscar Turns Its Nose Up at Revolutionary Road, The Dark Knight


While the next 24 hours of syndicated-infotainment programs will be populated with more "Where were you when you got the Oscar nomination news?" segments than we care to imagine, the Mary Harts and Lara Spencers of the world are far less likely to call up the likes of Sally Hawkins and Clint Eastwood to ask them "Where were you when you got snubbed?" Such is the fickle finger of Oscar fate; for every surprise nomination, there's also someone who got hosed. Perhaps the biggest news of the morning was the middle finger that the Oscar gave to just about everyone associated with the production of Revolutionary Road, including Kate Winslet; only Michael Shannon's semi-surprising Best Supporting Actor nomination kept the production from being shut out from every major category. Christopher Nolan and The Dark Knight were also on the receiving end of a huge Academy diss (just like Ben Lyons predicted!), as was our beloved Wall-E (at least as a Best Picture candidate). But most astonishingly, Bruce Springsteen's gut-wrenchingly perfect theme from The Wrestler found itself sans a nod in the Best Song category this morning, where it got cockblocked by two A.R. Rahman numbers. Guess the Academy really doesn't want anyone to watch this year's ceremony after all!

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