Parting Shot: Bush’s Farewell Speech to Preempt The Office Kath & Kim


(Update: See this post!) Usually we don't get too political here at Vulture, but this is just too much. Hapless two-term president George W. Bush has apparently asked the four major networks for 15 minutes of free airtime this Thursday at 9 p.m. to make his farewell speech to the nation (we're sure it'll be terrific!). The problem? While networks usually have plenty of needless airtime sitting around (NBC's Ben Silverman probably wouldn't mind giving the White House fifteen free hours on Wednesdays), this Thursday sees the return of The Office. And anyone familiar with the promos knows it's a huge episode — Andy confronts Dwight about sleeping with Angela! Will their wedding be canceled? You'll never know! This is worse than that time Bush pulled out of Kyoto.

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