Poor, Defenseless Sashimi Addict Jeremy Piven Cruelly Teased At Golden Globes


While we already covered the actors who didn't show up to last night's Golden Globes, there was one brave soul who triumphantly faced down a life-threatening disease in order to make a brave appearance at the show. That actor, of course, is Jeremy Piven. However, the fragile stage actor and sashimi addict, who recently conquered a bout of mercury poisoning so grave that it would've sent a weaker person to the morgue, was not given the kind of treatment last night that someone in his weakened state deserved. Not only did the HFPA snub Piven's extremely subtle and emotionally nuanced performance as Ari Gold in Entourage, but both Mark Wahlberg and NBC's mealy-mouthed Tiki Barber seriously busted his balls during a pre-show red-carpet interview about the illness that forced Piven to unwillingly drop out of Speed-the-Plow. Mark Walhberg treated the Emmy-winning Entourage star Piven as if he had cooties, and even the normally mild-mannered Barber couldn't resist getting in a few jabs at this poor, defenseless creature. The video lives, as you've come to expect, after the jump.