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Will Ferrell Heeds Jeremy Piven's Advice

"I'm not eating any fish!" Will Ferrell on what he's doing to prepare for his Broadway show [La Dolce Musto/Voice]

"For all the insular, difficult, obscure poetry that everyone is supposed to struggle with, there's also this sort of 'My grandmother fed a deer in the backyard' poetry." Michael Robbins on the immediacy of his poetry [VV]

"I still can't believe it. I feel like I'm in the future — first iPods, now this!" Kanye West is pretty happy we have a new president [MTV]

"In a world where everybody has the ability to comment in a public forum on things that are happening in the world, we're trying to say, 'But here's what happens when people get paid to do it. It's maybe a little funnier.'" Paul F. Tompkins on Best Week Ever [Gothamist]

"There's lots of worse things that could be attached to your name." Andrew Bird on being known as "the guy who whistles" or "the guy who plays the violin" [A.V. Club]

"You know, if you listen to the record it's pretty much talking about trying to find victory, victory being a woman, and so me and victory can make a kid — the kid being history, and then history tells your legacy. It's deep but it's fun." Jay-Z on his new song, "History" [MTV]

"Yeah, we went to Michael and were like, 'This other guy's willing to do it. And then Michael was like, 'I never said I wouldn't do it!'" Nicholas Jasenovec guilted Michael Cera into playing Charlyne Yi's love interest in Paper Hearts [Envelope/LAT]

"I have often wanted to do Dude, Where's My Car 2. Or a Judd Apatow movie." Gus Van Sant [Guardian UK]

Photo: Mary Ellen Matthews