Retro! A Jay-Z-and-Radiohead Mash-up Album


How nobody thought to do this already, post–Grey Album, is a mystery: DJ Minty Fresh Beats’ new mix, Jaydiohead, mashes up Jay-Z's a cappella rhymes with snippets of Radiohead tracks. But instead of sounding tired and gimmicky, tracks like “Dirt Off Your Android” (“Paranoid Android” meets “Dirt Off My Shoulder,” obviously!) actually add up to something: In this case, Radiohead’s creepy disaffection and ennui give context and scope to Hov’s “grams to Grammys” ambition. We don't know if Minty is the next Danger Mouse — maybe he can convince André 3000 to start a band with him called Extreme Abdul Jabar — but this track kicks off our Best of 2009 list.

Download Jaydiohead: Jaydiohead