Nominations For Best Russian-Acting Actor Revealed!


Russia! magazine has just announced the nominations for its 2008 Rolling R Award, given to a non-Russian actor for "general excellence in acting Russian": Cate Blanchett, Ben Kingsley, Eric Godon, and Olek Krupa, all of whom impressively failed to humiliate themselves with on-film accents. According to Russia! editor-in-chief Michael Idov (also a contributing editor at New York), this year's winner will be selected on February 15, following deliberations by a panel that, for the first time, includes an actual Russian linguist. "Pre-financial meltdown, we were planning a full-on collaboration with Russian TV," says Idov. "Now the ceremony may just consist of me crashing some Oscars after-party and personally accosting the winner while the publisher snaps pictures. In other words, kind of like People's Choice Awards." Click to see the nominations reel!

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