Strike-Happy SAG Director Ousted


If you'd been hoping for a Hollywood-crippling actors' strike that would shut down production on movies and TV shows, thus ruining all entertainment in 2009 and probably beyond, we have some bad news: Strike-happy SAG National Executive Director and chief negotiator Doug Allen has been fired. A contingent of moderate guild members filed papers yesterday to replace Allen, as well as the committee in charge of negotiating a new feature-prime-time deal with producers. His predictable ouster comes two weeks after his supporters, including SAG president Alan Rosenberg, mounted a hilarious 28-hour filibuster to block a vote for his termination. Says Rosenberg: "They've sabotaged Doug and wreaked havoc without taking responsibility ... This is the darkest day within my memory. It kills democracy at SAG." Actors!

Doug Allen steps down from SAG [Variety]