The Ten Greatest Car Crashes in Movie History


Car crashes appear to be very much on Hollywood’s mind lately, what with this week’s Not Easily Broken and January 23’s Possession both hanging their plots on them. And who can forget the rash of vehicular mishaps that played pivotal roles in such big-ticket films last year as Seven Pounds, The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, and Yes Man? Of course, one could argue that car crashes have always been on Hollywood’s mind — given the amount of time Angelenos spend driving, it’s easy to imagine why. And their fertile imaginations have provided us with plenty of sick automotive nightmares over the years. So what are the best car crashes in movie history — the most terrifying, off-the-wall, and/or otherwise notable ones to grace movie screens over the years? We did the research and have now untangled ourselves long enough from a fetal position on our sweat-soaked couch to bring you our findings.