Japanese Watchmen Trailer Sheds New Light on JFK Assassination


With the legal war between Fox and Warner Bros. over Watchmen's distribution rights rapidly devolving into the courtroom scene from Bananas, and an on-time March arrival for the film seeming nearly as probable as a Manhattan-destroying nuclear squid explosion, it's a credit to the outsize determination of Warner's marketing team that new pieces of movie footage are still being leaked to the Internet with such hilarious regularity, in the form of trailers, video journals, and wang-showing TV commercials. Our latest look comes with a Japanese voice-over and heretofore unseen shots of Watchmen's fourth-term president Nixon, along with the Comedian assassinating JFK. Everything still looks awesome and, with any luck, if the trailers continue, someone should be to edit together the entire film from its marketed components way before WB and Fox agree on who gets to release the thing in theaters.