Who Will Present Oscars to This Year’s Completely Predictable Winners?


Last year's Oscars were the least watched in history, and while some have wrongheadedly speculated it was because all the nominees were from low-grossing art-house films about murderous sociopaths, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences is pretty sure it's figured out the real reason — because everyone knew who the presenters were going to be in advance, obviously. So, this year, even though the actual winners in most races have already long been decided, viewers won't know who'll be opening envelopes until presenters' names are announced at the Kodak Theatre on February 22. Who will give Slumdog Millionaire's Danny Boyle his Oscars for Best Director and Best Picture? Which famous celebrity will announce Waltz With Bashir's victory in the Best Foreign Language Film category, or Wall-E's for Best Animated Film? And who will present Christopher Nolan with Heath Ledger's posthumous award for Best Supporting Actor? The suspense is killing us!

Oscar Plays the Guessing Game [Yahoo]
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