Shocker: Harry Knowles Loved Watchmen


Even though American reviewers who caught an early screening of Watchmen had agreed not to write about it until next week, virtually every geek-oriented publication has gone ahead and posted an early review anyway. Most notably, Ain't It Cool News' Harry Knowles published his rave review last night, even after briefly casting himself as something of a martyr for honoring the embargo when his colleagues at CHUD and Empire showed virtually no restraint. (Actually, according to CHUD's Russ Fischer, their review was cleared with Warner Bros. and not in violation of the embargo.) Of course, it's easy to understand why Knowles had to rush to press — we were all just dying to know what he'd think of the adaptation, given that there was such a huge possibility that he would not like it.

Harry Watches The WATCHMEN And Can Remain Silent Not One More Second! [Ain't It Cool News]